Sindy, Born 1982, From Scanira, Dorset

sindy comes from UK England Dorset : how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning just because you are not lonely and there is a person by you who you can rely on! how many positive emotions and happiness you feel just because your presence gives so much joy to your close person. that joy comfort and harmony in the family depend just on you. i am completely convinced that if to treat your partner cordially with tenderness and love one will reciprocate even more. but can it be any different? i like pristine nature the sea and early mornings dawn. besidesim a quiet kind and loyal. a great meaning for me is a humans soul circle of my interests are various. i like the literature music cinema and personality traits are calm honest kind loyal flexible elegant sociable sensitive gentle cheerful optimistic and romantic i like cooking healthy life style good music and classical literature. i am neither vindictive nor egoistic and i am not easy to offend. i sincerely believe that mutual understanding and harmony between the two can be achieved if to be the first to make a step towards your partner not being scared by your own sincerity.

Sarah, Born 1982, From Christchurch, Dorset

Hiya, I’m Sarah and I’m always welcome to meeting more people in my life whilst searching for the ‘right one’.  sarah is my name and i`d like you to know that i`m looking for someone in my area which is dorset. i suppose i`m looking for a geezer that has similar likes and wants as myself. when it comes to my physical appearance you would probably describe me as slight overweight and i suppose you`d consider me not wonderful but personality makes up for it.

Emma, Born 1981, From Bournemouth, Dorset

Hi, I’m Emma and I could be yours!. I’m fun and intelligent with a lot of love to give. Looking for someone honest and trustworthy for friendship and possibly more.Â

I am a good listener, have a big heart and am always there when you need someone. Great company and comfort. I have a passion for animals, countryside and doing the right thing.. Anything i possibly could..Â

I love the theatre and live bands. With the right people or person, wouldn’t matter what i was doing as i would have a good time anyway. Somewhere outside with plenty of walks and fresh air. I like small groups of friends for dinner and abottle of wine.Â

I am looking for friendship with a possibility to date or find the one i am waiting for..

Victoria, Born 1988, From Bournemouth, Dorset

Hi there, I’m Vicky, and I’m looking for someone with the right mix of care and kinky.. I’m intelligent and adventurous, loyal and intriguing. You won’t regret it.. I’m looking for a decent relationship, with all the perks included 😉 The right mix of care kinky and cuddling..

I’m bubbly, have many many talents, am loyal and will go the distance for those I care about.. I love a guy with a wit, be it dry or inuendo, intellect for me is a real turn on. I love animals, and someone that has an eye to give me what I need when I need it.. I’m extremely passionate about animals and hate any form of animal neglect or abuse.. I’d go ride a horse over open fields, and spend my remaining time with my family..

I love horse riding and kite surfing, and also watching comedians at the theatre.. A nice but cheap dinner, take in an animated or comedy film, go home and spend the evening on the couch, and the night in bed.. I love zoos, and take plenty of photos, so a day at the zoo would be great, with someone getting me a lil stuffed animal from the gift shop to remember the day.. I like pub quizzes, and go out and play hard every once in a while, but try to stay sober cause of the difficult uni course i’m on..

I’m looking for a caring relationship, loyalty and fun, with a good bit of bedroom activity, something medium to long term..