Nicola, Born 1980, From Denbigh, Wales, Clywed

Hi, I’m Nic and I live in Denbigh in Wales, I’m looking for hot guys to talk with, have fun and well ’em have a casual encounter with. I’m a single mom so don’t get much time, my friends keep calling me a milf because of the amunt of guys I let shag me but I just want to have fun while I#m still young.

I’m easy going and want sex with no strings attached. I enjoy outdoor sex and dogging, as you can see from my profile pic I enjoy sex in my car especially with some lonely truckers watching us fuck. I like to drive on the motorway with just my knickers on and flash all thetruckers, sometimes I get so desperate I goto the services and let the truckers feel me up and maybe fuck me. I’m  a slut, if you want someone who isn’t then I’m not for you.

Rebecca, Born 1989, From Caerphilly, Caerphilly County Borough

Not sure what to write on these things.. becci 21 years old..looking for a good time

Firstly, you`d probably like to know that my name`s rebecca I come from Caerphilly County Borough. I hope to find a great lad on this website in a very short space of time. Personality is a hard thing to describe, but I would have to say that I see myself as easy going. I`m relatively just right in build and I like to think I`m original too. You may like to know that I enjoy spending my free time on the following social drinking.

Bethan, Born 1990, From Caerphilly, Caerphilly County Borough

hey! =D im bethan and im bi. i love to socialise and have a few drinks on the weekends, i am fun, outgoing, honest and caring.. i am looking to meet someone who is fun honest trustworthy and who has a good sense of humour. also would like to meet someone who has the same interests as me which are keeping fit, shopping, spending time with family and friends, clubbing, driving, travelling etc between the ages of 18-23. so if ur interested message me lol..

i have been told my best qualities are that i am fun to be with and always up for a laugh, im honest and trustworthy, a good listener but also a good talker, i have a good sense of humour, out going and easy to get along with i have decent morals and i treat people with respect.. no matter how bad i may be feeling my nieces and nephews and friends always make me feel better. =D. iim passionate about helping others and learning new things.. if i only had one day left i would write letters to all my family and friends telling them how much i loved them, i would also spend the day with my nephews and nieces making videos of us in the park so they will always have something to remember me by and remember how much i love them. i would also like to say i would make memory boxes for everyone but i dont think id have time lol..

i enjoy keeping fit, socialising, taking my nieces and nephews out on day trips, clubbing, shopping, reading, dancing, skiing, rock climbing, watching films and having cwtches lol. =D. getting ready with friends with a glass of white wine go to pontypridd for a few drinks and then head into cardiff for a lot of dancing drinking an fun lol. my perfect day would be to be woken up to breakfast in bed with a mug of hot chocolate or a nice fruit smoothie and then go to a beach or theme park or go karting or even swimming then afterwards go and sit in a beer garden with a few drinks and lots of friends..

a few dates and see how things go.

Clare, Born 1987, From Caerphilly, Caerphilly County Borough

Hi, I’m Clare and I’d love to get to know you!. I’m quite attractive, very caring, strong willed but like to feel cared for. I am very feminine and like a man to be strong for me but also a man that is not afraid to show his feelings. I’m looking to get to know people as friends first but I am ruling nothing out!.

I have been told that I’m funny, caring, very romantic, very loving and can make people smile.. Friendly people make me smile, there is nothing worse than rude and hurtful people. I am passionate about the people I love and also about standing up for what I believe in. If I had only one day left, I would like to think that I would make the most of it. Do what I wanted without worrying about the problems it could cause. I would spend it with the people I love and care for and tell everyone how much I love them and how happy they have made me through the years.

I love spending time with good people and love nothing more than to cook a lovely meal for someone and enjoy it with a nice bottle of wine and a film. I love music and singing and also photography and cosmetics. My idea of a great night is one that I am still smiling about the next day!. My favourite day out would include going shopping and for a nice lunch with friends or a loved one or going to the seaside. I feel most comfortable around people I know in places that I know but am always friendly and easilly make new friends..

At the moment I am just looking for friendship and to take the time to really get to know someone.