Jennifer, Born 1981, From Glasgow, Dunbartonshire/Dumbartonshire

Hi i”m Jennifer i”m stunning and intellectual. come and find out more. i”m looking for fun, good times, and anything that comes my way.

My best bits are my positivity and confidence. I love it when people are good to each other. i love taking risks sometimes.. The most important things to me are the people i”m close to.  If i had one day to live i”d spend it with the people i loved, having a laugh. it doesn”t matter where. but if i could spend it somewhere beautiful like a pacific island then all the better..

i”ve just come back tonight from watching a harold pinter play. i like theatre. i also love being outside, rock climbing, and walking up hills. i like Margaret Atwood books. i love travelling oh and jumping out of planes.. My ideal night out would be having a meal with family and friends then going salsa dancing.. My best day out would have to include some hot-air ballooning, flying, escaping for a little while..

Gayle, Born 1981, From Alexandria, Dunbartonshire/Dumbartonshire

king for freindship in you.. Im one of the most vibrant people you could ever wish to meet, the kind of person books are wrote about.. Im just looking for freindship in people who would like to get to know me and for me to get the oppertunity to get in contact with people who can share themselves with me, hopefully you can bring me the oppertunity to experience a wider perception of things..
The things people love about me is my humour, i can find a punchline in the worst situations, i am loved for my ability to see the big picture in life and not just whats in front of me, i am vivacious and passionate about life and i enjoy myself to the maximum as life is too short, im also very deep and am yet to meet someone who can understand my veiws on things, i am a confidant and a genuine person. I am loved cause im wonderfull :). The things that make me smile most is my art work, my music, riding my scooter, laughing with freinds, being close with your family, and having a ball when the weekend comes around.. I get passionate about life, about music, about art, about culture. I get passionate about getting out when friday night rolls around.. I have often thought about the things i would do if i only had one day left, i would go to my favourite spot next to loch lomond, and contemplate the last visions of landscaped beauty. Then id go out and have a great day with all my freinds were sorrow or saddness dident taint or emotions for once and laughter was the order of the day, then at night id go home and i”de sit in my livingroom with my family all around me and my favourite peice of music playing and looking at my favourite peice of art, and id have them all around me as my final hours drew close, and hopefully when my spirit left my body, they would all say there goes the life and soul..
I enjoy painting, writing, socialising, meeting new people, having a laugh, travelling, playing the sax the piano, riding my scooter and generally having a good time with my freinds.. My idea of a great night would be blowing my entire wage packet on a stunning outfit. Then buying a massive selection of alchohol, inviting my freinds around, partying, and then heading out on the town where i lived it up to the very early hours in the morning, then waking up the next day and remembering absolutely nothing, Arent they nights the best you can get?. Going to a theme park and riding the most terrofying ride untill i threw up.. Sitting in a bar with a jack daniels ;).
Freindship, or whatever comes my way..

Asha, Born 1983, From Cardross, Dunbartonshire/Dumbartonshire

hi, my name is ash. its hard to think of what to write eh? well im a qualified massuse, reiki master and hypnotist. i really wanna go travelling when the money situation is better. i read alot, im very interested in the world. i love interesting conversation and learning from people. im very philosophical and deep. dont drink much, take a smoke tho. looking for someone for interesting conversation etc, someone stimulating. im very effectionate and emotional so someone who is caring etc. generally a nice interesting guy! hate selfish, childish, judgemental people. get in touch. x

Pamela, Born 1983, From glasgow, Dunbartonshire/Dumbartonshire

hiya im pamela. im absolutely gorgeous and up for a laugh, really enjoy myself and have a great sense of humour. looking for someone who is as game as me.

i can be a really nice and considerate person and never let a good night out go to waste!!. my daughter paige who is almost 3. a vodka and coke!!!. go to the pub and have the best night ever!!.
watching the celtic football bhoys lift the European Cup again!!!and gettin bladdered!!!. going to watch the celtic bhoys or else take my daughter out and spoil her rotten!!!. when im out with all my close pals in town for a night out.

a good friendship and nice people to talk to.

Lee, Born 1986, From Tullibody

Really dunno wot to say lol erm… My names Lee and im a nice girl so if nebody wants to talk just messge me! 😀

Let me introduce myself – my name`s lee I classify the Clackmannanshire, UK – Scotland area as my stomping ground. So, if you`re a sexy bloke, why not take a closer look at my profile and see if we might be compatible. Whether I`m having a good or bad day you would probably always class me as easy going. I think I`m rather average and I suppose you`d consider me attractive enough. In general, I like to relax by indulging in some bible study.

Lucia, Born 1981, From XX, Clackmannanshire

lucia comes from uk scotland clackmannanshire : i am a 25 years old beautiful girl and loving kindness from liberia. i am humble truetful and loving . i like giving out when ever i have making freinds and creating good reputations among human limite. iam a practical christain and i move with faith in the lord also am looking for my real life partner to share my life with.

Jennie, Born 1983, From Eastbourne, Sussex

my name is jennie i work, love and play hard x. im intelligent, affectionate loyal and trustworthy. im looking for someone who makes me happy and who i make happy in returne, i want the dream, but, dont we all!. i love walking swimming, meals out, meeting new people and generally want to enjoy all there is to life!! could u be the one to do all this with me?