Trudi, Born 1980, From Coldstream, Berwickshire

Hey, I am Trudi and am looking for someone to chat to. Love banter and no bothered who it comes from. as long as you can have a laugh. i love going out and having a laugh, especially if it is in the balerics for a 2 week bender, working on my tan and sipping cocktails. i work hard in the office so i can paly hard at the weekend.. i am looking to meet someone kinda like me, so i can chat and with them. see what is going on elsewhere and not just in my little world..

Jane, Born 1983 from Bedford

I am a married women of 27 who has started to wonder what it would be like to be with a women i find myself thinking about it more and more also me and my husband would like a women to join us

Hello, I`m Jayne and I’m just a short distance away in Bedfordshire. I hope to find a great sexy minx on this website in a very short space of time. When it comes to my personality, I would have to say that most of the time I`m pretty affectionate. I suppose I would describe my physique as medium and I think I`m original. My interests include social drinking – amongst many others.

LOu, Born 1984, From Sunderland

Im tiny……5 ft 1″ and a size 4 – 6… know what they say about the best things and small packages though!!

Ohhh and I have a really big smile…. I love music (one true constant in my life)and I will always be blasting it, listening to my

iPod or singing.

Feel like I am at that “akward age” (26) where going out all weekend clubbing and “on the wreck” is not at all appealing and makes me feel “old” (which I know I am (technically) not) but then I am not in that – “staying in with my husband and children” place either…

Like going out to “classier places” i.e. not Sunderland, not the Bigg Market…and drinking in nice bars where Blue Wicked is NOT served…having a dance and then going home to my mortgaged house and snuggly bed suitably merry but not bouncing off the walls…

I love deep conversations and on the other side of the spectrum…I love silliness….and very random humour

I go to the gym a fair bit, more of a stress relief thing – I love going from work…listening to music and clearing my head…I also do a Pilates and few other classes a week…makes me feel good…

I am a Primary Teacher in Sunderland…I love my job and am extremely committed so if I make time for you then you must be special to me!

Tracey, Born 1981, From South Shields, Durham

hi i’m tracy and i’m still trying to find mr right!. I’m sweet nd innocent but I also have a naughty side to me!. i’m looking for fun! i somehow always pick the wrong sort of bloke, so mr perfect must still be out there!.

i’m kind, caring, sweet and happy. I always have a smile on my face.. Chatting to people make me happy, I like old and new friends. Sexy eyes and a nice bum make me smile!. i get passionate at the fact that my mr right is still out there somewhere!. If I only had one day left I would spend half the day with my family and friends saying my goodbyes. And presuming I had found mr right i would spend the rest of my time with him, making love, kissing and cuddling, or having passionate sex! HaHa!.
my hobbies are drinking and going to bed! the best place in the world!. going to a nightclub then a walk along the beach to see the sun rise. a theme park! lots of thrills spent with a nice hunky man. i feel most comfortable with the people i love.

Who knows what kind of relationship they want! Maybe fun and then see what happens?? If U R Mr Right tho say hi!. Mr ideal partner would be funny, caring, understanding, someone I could cry, laugh,fart, burp etc infront of! HEHE!.

Lindsay, Born 1986, From Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

  • Hey, my name”s Lindsay, Looking for For new friends. Im, honest, easy going, very affectionate, some think am attracticve i guess you”ll have to decide that for yaselfs lol.
  • faithfull, loyal, can always be trusted. most things can make me smile, a good joke, a movie, anythin like that,. music, i love to listen to music i can relate to. if i had only 1 day left. I”d wanna spend it with the people i love the most.

    music, movies, watchin sports that kinda thing. an evening in with someone who loves me. ask me.. any really, depends on the situation.
    i just want to meet some new people make some new lasting friendships 🙂 lmc_knaggs at hot    mail    dot   com
  • Linzie, Born 1982, From Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

    Hi all….well, this is the hard bit!! I`m a fun, friendly, caring girl. I like to socialise with my friends either having nights out or in; I`m passed all the mad parties every weekend, although do party sometimes!! I love dance/club/trance music but also listen to owt else thats decent.

    I`m very indepedent and had to learn to grow up quickly; I`ve dealt with a lot of stuff in my life that makes me the person I am today, including the bad stuff!!

    I love spending time with my nieces and family. I also love walking tess, my lush Staffy, she means the world to me!

    I`m hoping to meet a decent kinda bloke that treats women as equals – any men that dont need not apply….lol! I like a man that can look after me and keep me safe at night I`m quite easy to please, however having a man that likes to talk helps; I love a good debate! In an ideal world my bloke would never forget to kiss me goodbye and always remember the 3 important words, he would tuck me in at night when I was poorly and kiss away the tears when I was sad….I did say in an ideal world!!

    Anything else anyone want to know then please ask….i dont bite, well, maybe not much!

    Karen, Born 1983, From Sunderland, Durham

    hi, im Karen. Im looking for a romantic and sexy guy!. im sexy, smart, attractive, fun, romantic everything you could wish for!. im looking for someone the same as me, the works..

    i have a good sense of humour, im fun to be around and i have a big personality!
    I like going to the cinema, jogging my day away, being with my friends, animals, and visiting my parents in Dubai.