Natalie, Born 1984, From 10, Kent

I am a very active, easy going single mum looking for fun and maybe more, who knows. I am a latin/ballroom dancer, pole dancer and burlesque dancer. I run alot and love swimming. I love living life to the fullest and I don’t ever want to regret not doing something. I give anything a go and just want to enjoy life! My son is 2 1/2 and is a lovely little boy.

Elle, Born 1982, From XX, Kent

WILD FUN AND CRAZY! would anyone care to join me on an adventure?.

good sense of humour, caring affectionate, always putting others first, my love for life and the people in it my sense of fun and adventure andmaking people laugh and smile. I would go wing walking sky diving and swim with dolphines and have a huge party with all the people i loved there..

I love paint balling, skiing and fun activities that keep me occupied, a safari would be fantastic or a bite to eat i like to be spontanious that way u dont get disappointed suprises are always nice to..

Trisha, Born 1983, From XX, Kent

The person I’d like to meet is first of all a friend. Someone who I can have fun with and feel like we are on the same page. My ideal friend is witty, but not mean-sprited; beautiful but not pompous; driven but not absent-minded; affectionate but not suffocating; and secure enough to let go and know I’ll return I am not sure what I can write here to even begin to describe everything that makes me who I am, without sounding like a resume. I recently saw the movie “Hitch”, which I thought was great, other people may not have. The best point they made is that it is really hard to walk up to someone and say “I like you.” It really just doesn’t work, you need to find some other opportunity. Well, maybe these personals will provide some sort of opportunity to at least find out if I like someone and they like me. It really doesn’t work when only person likes someone…I think they call it “stalking” or something…haha…who really has the time to stalk someone that obviously doesn’t like them? What really matters is that two people can just get along, have fun, and be themselves. Obviously there has to be some physical attraction, but without a good personality, that really doesn’t go very far. I would like to find someone that I can just be myself with and have a good time doing anything. I am really tired of bars and clubs. My Mom says I could meet a nice girl at the Library… didn’t work out either…at least she means well. As far as work is concerned, I own my own construction company, but I majored in Genetics in college. Long story as to how I had such a major career shift, we’ll save that for later. I like to spend time with my family, go to the gym, do things with my friends and just go out. I am pretty laid back overall….My ideal is first and foremost a man with a plan who understands the pressures of work and success – but it willing to wade and work through it all for the right guy. He is masculine, charming, spontaneous, fun, and most importantly supportive and open-minded. It is no lie that its a challenge to bring two hard working men together – but I want someone in my life that isn’t so jaded that they think its impossible. Family is very important to me – so, I want someone who can deal with that crazyness and make a go of it. Yes, I want the guy I am happy to bring home to Mom and Dad. My guy is driven, yet compassionate and considerate of those around him. He is a risk taker and is willing to put the time in for me and vise-versa. He is down to earth, connected to those around him, caring and has the ability to show that without being ashamed or feeling less of a man. My guy is ok with exerperiencing new things and gets d about travel, etc. Truly, I need someone in my life again who has the ability and resources to jump on a plane and see each other when we need to. I apologize for this laundry list..I could go on and on. If you are interested in hearing more – just say hello.

Zoe, Born 1980, From St. Albans , Hertfordshire

hi i`m fun lovely bubbley girl and all i wnt is my prince charm,ing tocome sweep me off my feet. please come recuse this lonely princess.

zoe is my name and i live near to you in hertfordshire. i`ve joined this site to find a handsome hunk that might turn out to be my perfect match. as a teaser i`ll tell you that my body shape is pretty medium and i think you`d have to agree that i`m probably pretty faced too.