Benedita, Born 1984, From Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

benedita comes from uk scotland aberdeenshire : i am a hard working and caring young girl.i am a hard working and caring young girl.i am a hard working and caring young girl.i am a hard working and caring young girl.i am a hard working and caring young girl.i am a hard working and caring young girl.i am a hard working and caring young girl.

Shelley, Born 1985, From Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Hiya, I’m Shell and looking to chat. I like to keep fit and love going out with friends to dance. ?.

Smart but act dumb, cheeky and my raunchy humour. shelley comes from uk scotland aberdeenshire : currently looking for work as a manager of a company. love to go out and enjoy myseand sometimes just stay in. like to go runningcycling fitness kickboxing and poledancing.

Kelly, Born 1985, From Aberdeen

In the future I hope to have perhaps one – or maybe two – children, provided that I`m financially stable and in a relationship that is solid.

When it comes to television, I can take it or leave it. There are a few programmes I like to watch but I`m not too fussed if I miss them or am out of the house.

I`m on a quest to find a relationship that`s really like no other.

Because my free time is very limited, I dabble a very small amount in the arts. I`m hoping that this site will match me with a partner that can introduce me a little more to the cultural world.

I love music and the cinema but am not really a great fan of museums or art galleries.

Everyone that knows me considers me a really great mate. I`m there for them when they need me and can be a great listener as well as a great talker.

I absolutely love travelling and will take any chance I can get to fly off to another destination. Whether it`s in a tent or a five star hotel, so long as I`m seeing new places and experiencing new things, I`m happy.

Samantha, Born 1980, From Aberdeen

Easy-going and very down to earth, I`m happy doing pretty much anything and everything… so long as I`m having a good time.

At the end of the day, all I really want out of life is a good, loyal partner, maybe a couple of children and a few bob in my pocket.

Ideally I`m looking for someone that can take control of the relationship and lead me towards happiness.

I don`t think a person`s educational and academic qualifications should be important when choosing a partner. However, I do need to know from the off-set that I`m going to be able to have a sensible and in-dept conversation from time to time with my new match.

When I

I`m a complete dreamer, a romantic, and believe in destiny and fate

Rudi, Born 1980, From Wirral/Liverpool , Merseyside

Hey im Rudi…weird name i know! Im ya typical girly girl…may come across as abit of a ditz to be honest but am actually not stupid!Bit of a mad one and love a giggle hehe. Looking for some fun really…meet new people…wouldnt say no to a tall fitty haha.Â

ermm people say that im positive and bubby..n also that im really down to earth :D. what makes me happy…erm just bein with my mates tbh…or anythn that doesnt involve streeeessss.Â

Sian, Born 1984, From 10, Merseyside

Hey I’m Siân wanna have some fun?? I’m always up for a laugh, but sick of being all alone so i wanna ave some fun. I love being surprised! I love hugs and kisses im a very touchy feely person!.

I can always cheer people up and get a smile out of them! Im a very caring person. If you wanna contact me here’s my addy didi_star at you know the rest look forward to hearing from u!

My first date would have to be any where as long I was enjoying the company.

Kerrin, Born 1986, From Liverpool, Merseyside

Hiya all u sexy fellas!! Please form an orderly Que ; ) haha.  Trust me anything u want….ive got it!. so…if your good looking…an have great personality….your almost there! :D.

Im very outgoing, an most probly the best an easiest person to get on with.. Little things make me smile…most of the times its just stupid things aswell!! :S.

I luv acting and dancin, am always doin sumthin along those lines!! An am always lookin forward to the weekend!!! I luv footy….never miss me boys playin 😀 an if u avent guessed who “me boys” are its LFC!!!.