Megan, Born 1987, From Swindon, Wiltshire

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m looking for a friend in the forces, could you help me?. I’m intelligent, attractive and like to do a lot of sport. I love going out and I am usually the life and soul of the party!. I’m looking for a friend right now because I’ve had a tough year, if you’re lucky it may turn into something more….

I’m funny and have a great sense of humour. I’m energetic and I like to make people happy. People being overly sweet towards some one always make me smile, but jokes also make me laugh, whether they’re cheesy or not!. I’m very passionate about Human Rights, I believe every one is equal and have the same rights as any one else. If i had one day left to live, I would round up all my friends and tell them what I thought of them, you know that they were annoying and bitchy, but end by saying that I loved them all regardless of this. Oh and I’d run naked through my local town just for a laugh!.
I love Martial Arts! I think it is a lot of fun and a great way to keep fit. I also enjoy learning new languages. Its great because you can insult people and they don’t even know! KIDDING! I like to travel a lot, thats why I learn them.. Going to the movies, followed by a bite to eat, then going to a club would probably sum up a perfect night out for me.. My favourite day out wouldn’t be complete without my friends. I’m a social person. But I love theme parks so we’d probably head to Alton Towers or something.. I feel more comfortable when I’m at a laid-back party where you don’t have to dress up. At formal occasions I am always worrying whether I look ok..

I’m looking for a friendship but that may develop later on…. I’d love to meet someone with a great sense of humour, someone who could make me smile on a really bad day.. I’d like someone who likes football and things similar to what I like. A relatively posh restaurant, not too expansive but good food.

Debby, Born 1986, From Swindon, Wiltshire

Hey, i’m Debby. A fun loving girl with a good sense of humour, looking for a laugh. blonde, gorgeous, 5″2, green eyes, big boobs, 18yrs. Full time mum to boy of 1yr. Looking for someone like me who loves to party.
i will make you laugh and i’m great to cuddle. i love kids. i love to party, socialise, go out and make new friends. i can get very passionate sometimes!. if i had one day left i’d do anything and everything i’d never done before.

i enjoy travelling meeting new friends and doing new things. my idea of a great night is going clubbing drinking and dancing till i cant dance anymore!. My favourite day out would be shopping all day with a gorgeous man on my arm.
i’m looking for a bit of fun and new friends.

Ayesha, Born 1989, From Devizes, Wiltshire

I`m looking for someone who is up for a good time, that isnt shy and likes to take control. I`m pretty open minded and very adventrous….

Firstly, you`d probably like to know that my name`s ayesha I`m from Wiltshire. I`ve joined this site to find a lad that might turn out to be my perfect match. I suppose if I had to illustrate what I`m like as a person, I`d have to say I`m pretty out going. When it comes to my physical appearance, you would probably describe me as rounded and I suppose I would classify myself as original. In general, I like to relax by indulging in some social drinking.

Nicola, Born 1990, From Swindon, Wiltshire

not sure what to write. a full time student, part time sales assistant. if you have something to ask just message me

Let me introduce myself – my name`s Nicola I live near to you in Wiltshire. I really want to hook up with a serious man that fits my criteria and matches my profile. On any given day I would best describe myself as easy going. To give you an idea of what I`m like, normal is probably how I would describe myself best. Also, I like to think of myself as pretty average-looking. You may like to know that I enjoy spending my free time on the following bible study.

Toyah, Born 1986, From Ipswich, Suffolk

Easy going bird up for a laugh, into tattoos and piercings and rock music festivals!!!

I’m called Toyah and I live near to you in Suffolk. I really want to hook up with a handsome hunk that fits my criteria and matches my profile. I suppose if I had to illustrate what I`m like as a person, I`d have to say I`m pretty affectionate. I`m normally classed as average and You may like to know that I enjoy spending my free time doing anything from (or relating to) rock music.

Felicity, Born 1982, From Southwold, Suffolk

hi im felicity and i want to talk to you. hopefully you will find me interesting and lots of fun. i am looking to make an impact on people by either just keeping moral going or maybe more!.Â

i am good fun life and soul of party!! iam always ready to listen to peoples problems and love meeting new people!. my gorgeous lil girl!! having good time with my mates!. i would say goodbye to my family and friends and have one big party to celebrate my life with them all!!. mine and my daughters life she is the most important thing in my life!!!.Â

most i very rarely feel uncomfortable. i love watching films mostly chick flicks with occasional horror as long as theres someone to hide behind!!! i love all types of music my fave at mo is kings of leon sex on fire!!. it would be with all my friends having a laugh and a drink. it would be a trip somewhere romantic with man of my dreams.Â

im looking for friendship that could maybe turn into something more.Â

Laura, Born 1985, From Ipswich, Suffolk

Hey there im laura, im single and looking for someone who i can have a rele good laugh with. i am a non smoker and love a good nite clubbing, i drink most drinks so ne1 up 4 a challenge? i am funny with redish hair,slim figure and blue eyes. i enjoy listening to music such as razorlight, snow patrol, orson, the feeling. i love singing karaoke, going to gym, creative writing, driving my saxo. i have two cats ginger and casper, still living at home as its cheap for now. i love being spontaneous and just going for things as i think y not. My ideal first date wud be a candle lit meal on a glass bottomed boat along the river, then walking along a sandy clear water beach, followed by a passionate kiss under a waterfall n gazing at the stars! lol i dnt want much then!