Seanin, Born 1985, From Belfast/Tyrone, Antrim

Cheeky, creative type seeks rocker with manners…:P A gentleman in jeans is pretty much the ideal :P. Ok so I’m not your average Online Dater. Sue Me. I’m quick-witted, edgy and happy, always smiling, always dancing, never a dull moment. i don’t believe in boredom….

Into poetry, massively fond of unique music, and an avid festival-goer (I’m for Rockwerchter this summer, check out the lineup!!) Wannabe european, hopefully live in France or Italy someday, and wish to travel once this PGCE is out of the way.

Have alot of friends, am very independent and need someone with plenty of energy to keep up. Don’t believe in being cooped up next to one person, in one place, all your life. Unless maybe you can prove me wrong, that’s entirely your prerogative!

Jen, Born 1981, From Belfast, Antrim

Hiya, my name is Jen and if you think you can rise to the challenge then let me know.

Apparent i have an infectious laugh, and good sense of humor and i”m really caring towards others. I”m also up for anything or so i”m told. I am at my most passionate when i”m involved in my music, i love the feeling when you know you are onto a good song. If i had one day left I would do the right thing and be with my family and friends but if i had the money i would stage the biggest concert of all time to go out on a bang with.

Linda, Born 1987, From Belfast, Antrim

hey im linda im new to all this so dont no what to say if you want just drop me an email sure

I`m called linda and I`m just a short distance away in Antrim, UK – Ireland (NI). I`m hoping that this site will allow me to meet a geezer that more or less matches my traits. I suppose if I had to illustrate what I`m like as a person, I`d have to say I`m pretty fashionable. As a teaser, I`ll tell you that my body shape is pretty average and I like to think I`m pretty simple too. When it comes to hobbies and interests, I enjoy anything relating to socialising

Lianne, Born 1987, From Stafford, Staffordshire

hey there im lianne.. come and give me your best shot… you wont know whats hit you once you spoke to me… get to know me better. im lookin for some 2 make me smile n tell me all bout their day! im al ears, im jus here to have fun really!!.

i get passionate about bean juice, i hate the stuff!. people love the fact i can make a gud time out of the worst ever! i can make you smile, n im the most caring person iv ever met :P. things that make me happy are rainbows, pink fluffy stuffs n feeling wanted n special…

Sasha, Born 1984, From Wolverhampton, Staffordshire

Hiya my name is Sasha and i’m looking for fun. I’m a fun girl looking for a good time. i want a man that can make me laugh,with a good body and an easy going nature. I’m the girl on the left in the photo

People love my smile,i think i’m kind and giving along with being a lot of fun. my horse makes me smile along with my mates and little britain. I’m passionate about fox hunting i’m glad we got the ban..

Horse riding is my major passion i love everything about it and my hobby is competing on my horse Flynn. I love reading, seeing films and music too.

Animals and waltzers i cannot get enough of them!. clubbing with my mates.

I’m looking for something casual but who knows where it might lead.An easy going, happy, good sense of humour, likes to go out drinking and also likes good nights in. you dont have to like horses for me to like you ha i’m a diverse girl.

Kaiti, Born 1987, From Burton, Staffordshire

the things that people love about me would be my look on life im always happy… my honousty…kindness…but most of all the fact that im genuine. my family and friends make me happy :). i get passionate about chocolate …haha. what would i do if i only had one day left ???? mmmm…well first of all in the morning i would go shopping just to feel what it was like to no u can have anything u want …go for a real expensive lunch with my family ..en id go round telling all my friends and family how much i love them…i would be convinced to shave my hair off just to see what it looked like haha no i wouldnt actually that would jus be scary …en at night i jus wouldnt let go of my mom !! x.

im lookin for a really hot guy who has a genuine personality to match…jus a friendly chat for now but who knows? x

Michelle, Born 1982, From Stanton, Staffordshire

michelle comes from uk england staffordshire : i am a very friendly woman and i have been single for long. i am currently seeking my dream man and i am a very romantic kind affectionate and i also like to spoil my man. i travel a lot due to my work . i am an architect and i have lost my parents a long time ago due to some car crash accident a french woman and i have spent most of my life in the uk studying .i like spending time with people who are so close to me. i like to go camping fishingswimmingbbqs picnics movies i have a good sense of humor taking long walks and at the same time i am ambitious independent and also a very serious woman when it comes to things which has to deal with my happiness and also future. i am looking for a man who is sedependent knows what he wants and ready for a serious relationship. i am looking for someone who will take time to get to know me and not take things in a rush and he shouldnt be afraid of love . appearance does not mean to me. i like someone who is friendly fun to talk tohas high morals someone whom i can trust and also ready to sacrifice a lot to make a relationship work and would not listen to what anybody says about it… all i mean is that he should know what he wants and also follow his heart. i hate to be lied to and also decieved when it comes to relationship issues. i am not looking for a night stand and i am ready to give in a lot if i meet a right man and i will also do all i can to make things work. i hope i find my dream man on here at the end of the day because this is my first time trying this internet dating.

Sandra, Born 1983, From Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Hello, i am a Single never married Down to Earth Girl, i love Reading, Cooking and i like watching Sport, i am really caring and looking for the love of my life, Despite i have lost my parents i keep my life Going and i keep looking at what the Future have for me. so i love to make someone happy, care about others feelings and i love making someone behind me to be happy always.I am looking for a man who is really ready for a serious relationship, a man who i can give the love of my heart and who is ready to love me for who i am. A man who have to full heart of love and who is so Down To Earth. Aman who knows what he want and who never judge, a man who feel the life is too short and who know the real meaning of love and ready for  serious relationship with family. Age Does not border me in a Relationship, all i am Looking for in a man is H.O.N.E.S.T.Y