Kaiti, Born 1987, From Burton, Staffordshire

the things that people love about me would be my look on life im always happy… my honousty…kindness…but most of all the fact that im genuine. my family and friends make me happy :). i get passionate about chocolate …haha. what would i do if i only had one day left ???? mmmm…well first of all in the morning i would go shopping just to feel what it was like to no u can have anything u want …go for a real expensive lunch with my family ..en id go round telling all my friends and family how much i love them…i would be convinced to shave my hair off just to see what it looked like haha no i wouldnt actually that would jus be scary …en at night i jus wouldnt let go of my mom !! x.

im lookin for a really hot guy who has a genuine personality to match…jus a friendly chat for now but who knows? x

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