Sarah, Born 1989, From Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

I eat absolutely anything. Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, French or German – if it`s food, I`ll devour it.

I try to travel on a national scale as much as I can – I think it`s important to get to know the country you live in and I love to explore the areas around me.

I`m a clubber at heart. I love to feel the music vibrate on the dance floor and any partner that takes up with me needs to love it too.

I absolutely love television and admit that there are some programmes I will actually head home -or stay in- to watch.

When I

At the moment I`m not really sure what I`m looking for in a relationship – but you never know, you might be the one to help me figure it out!

Stacey, Born 1987, From XX, Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

Hi a few things about me are i’m very sociable and friendly, i like to go out but i also like reading and watching films. I am looking for someone who can make me laugh.. stacey comes from uk wales neath port talbot county brgh : i have brown hair and brown eyes i like socializing and going to the cinema and reading.

Sarah, Born 1990, From Skewen, Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

I don`t travel very often, just the odd long-weekend here and there, but I would love to start seeing more places and broadening my horizons.

When I`m having a bad day I need a big hug to shake me out of it – so ultimately, my partner would need to have big strong arms and a massive heart.

First and foremost I want to be happy in life and make the most out of everything that comes my way.

At the moment I don`t have any animals but am actually considering adding a new furry member to my household very soon.

I`m not necessarily looking for anything heavy. I happy to see where any new relationship takes me before working out what I want.

My best feature has got to be my eyes. They are sparkly, bright and tell a thousand stories.

Nyomi, Born 1983, From Neath, Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

Hi i’m Nyomi and i’m looking for that special someone to talk to and maybe even more. I am interresting and caring and love meeting new people.. I am looking for someone to talk to and get to know, and possible take it further..
I am genuine, caring, honest, loveable and sensitive.. Spending quality time with people i love and adore, having a wicked time, and working with chidlren.. The right mr right.. I would go to a place that was sentimental to me and made me smile and cherish, with my loved ones and special person..
I enjoy music, going to the cinema, doing things for charity.. Getting to know someone better.

friendship or romance.

Maria, Born 1985, From Neath, Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

Hi there my names Maria and i am looking for my future partner! my address is Kinkymaria69. who ever wants to chat hope to hear from you soon! i also have a myspace account myspace/mariaosullivan there are pictures on there of me. c yah XxX

Full time relationship.he has to be fun and be very honest and relaible.

Chantele, Born 1987, From Bryncoch, Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

I’m a very bubbly person, confident and talkative I’m 17 and in college but off to cardiff uni in september. I’m tall 5ft 9″ and slim, with dark hair to my shoulders and hazel eyes. i love reading and the media in general, hense my chosen job as a journalist, Hopefully!!

Cerys Louise, Born 1983, From Neath, Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

hi there im cerys louise and im looking to make new friends. im looking for new friends and for people who are kinda into the same intrests as myself.

i am a very caring person, likes to have a laugh and am always there for my friends and family. what makes me happy or smile is music, football, my family and friends.

outside of wrk i am currently doing an AS course in photography i have always wanted to do photography, i love football, love going to watch a few live games when im not wrking, also love rugby league and union, loves my music am a big fan of the beatles, likes going shopping and going to cinema or bowling. i like going out with friends to cimena, bowling, watching football or just going out for a few drinks.

im looking for a friendship/relationship.

Cara, Born 1988, From Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

I`m a happy-go lucky person that always s for the present and not for the past or future

When I`m feeling lazy I always try to persuade myself to go to the gym or do something productive. This helps me to feel better in minutes.

I would be best matched with a well-educated, well-spoken and well-brought up individual that has an IQ higher than my own.

Culture and art is an important part of my life and something which I take very seriously. My matching partner must be immersed in cultural knowledge and seeping in artistic pursuits.

My music tastes match my exterior – loud, tough and very energetic.

Laura, Born 1987, From Port talbot, Neath Port Talbot County Brgh

Hi come find out more. i’m laid back, adventorus, spontanius and have a wicked sense of humor.. I am not looking for anyone who is just after sex, I want someone kind caring and honest, who I can spend time with and see where it leads..

my friends say I am funny, affectionate, caring, brutally honest, cheeky ( in a good way) lol, selfless and a joker.. As corny as it may sound my family and friends make my happy and smile, I lost my father 3 years ago and I learnt to appreciate what I have and what is dear to me.. I am very passionate about rugby, animals and children, I work with children with special needs and who are in crisis and the thought of anyone hurting a child brings out my passion to stand up for them, excuse my cheesiness but it true.. If I only had 1 day left it would be to have a big party with my family and friends and just sit around and have a good drink and a chat..

I love all music and anything with a beat I will dance to lol, at the moment I like lady ga ga and kings of leon. films wise I love actions films, comedies and horrors, there is one film I adore and it is called the note book. I also like reading and writng poetry ( I know how cheesy can I get lol) but it helps me relax, if that fails then I pump my music up and dance lol.. If it was a night out while I was single it would have to be going out with my friends for a meal or clubbing, If I was seeing someone then a nice night in with a and curled up on sofa would be amazing