Kristi-ann, Born 1987, From Newcastle, Staffordshire

hi I’m kristi i live in trentham in stoke i like pubs and club watching s and cooking im currently single and looking for someone special x x x x. im funny (not funny loo king) good looking slim (i like to keep in shape) and im a great cook i used to be a head chef ! what more could you want!!!!. im looking for some company someone to chat to.

my bubbly personality , problem solving skills, and my wonderful looks. pleasing other people and them pleasing me. cooking. if i only had one day left i would spend it like any other day searching for my soul mate.

i like cookinjg going the pub watching films. a fewin the local with my friends bit sad i know. a spa day with a handsome naked man. with everyone i know.

friendship maybe more.

Sandra, Born 1983, From Stoke-on-trent, Midlands

Hello, i am a Single never married Down to Earth Girl, i love Reading, Cooking and i like watching Sport, i am really caring and looking for the love of my life, Despite i have lost my parents i keep my life Going and i keep looking at what the Furure have for me. so i love to make someone happy, care about other’s feelings and i love making someone behind me to be happy always.
I am looking for a man who is really ready for a serious ralationship, a man who i can give the love of my heart and who is ready to love me for who i am. A man who have to full heart of love and who is so Down To Earth. Aman who knows what he want and who never judge, a man who feel the life is too short and who know the reall maning of love and ready for  serious relationship with family. Age Does not border me in a Relationship, all i am Looking for in a man is H.O.N.E.S.T.Y

Naomi, Born 1985, From Coventry, Midlands

Hi there, i’m Naomi and i lookin for some to spend theses cold evenings with. I’m very bubbly and gorgeous caring person. I’m looking for someone to go out with and have some fun.Â

i’m very loving and caring person. its the small little things in life which make me happy…… music, every song has a diff meaning for me. i’d spend it on a beach with the people i loved most, drinking good wine and food.Â

I love to travel and see the world, this year i’ve seen most of europe which was amazing. Going for a fancy meal, then in town for a few drinks. going somewhere new and exciting where i’d never been before.Â

i just want someone to love and care about, who i can spend time with.Â

Marie, Born 1985, From Coventry, Midlands

Hey, I’m Marie, keep smiling!!!. I’m a student nurse at cov uni, originally from Warrington, always smiling and laughing!!!.

music, rugby, my family, my friends, hugs and my nephews!!. music, current events and I have an interest in world war two. spend all of my overdraft (whatever’s left of it) on a nice outfit, have a bath, make a nice man take me out for dinner and then to a nice hotel to spend my last few hours in luxury.

music (of all types and genres), films (particularly saving private ryan and moulin rouge), poetry and reading.

Vicky, Born 1981, From Walsall, Midlands

Hi to everyone, my name’s Vicki. Looks can be deceiving. I’m naughty but nice. And I know what I want.. I’m looking  for a person to spend time with. Someone who has there own life and ambition’s. Someone who understands my ambitions..

I get passionate about a lot of things, sometimes I start shouting at the news if something annoys me enough.. I don’t know weather they love me for it, but my friends say, I have a sick sense of humor, I love films, no chick flick’s thanks and I’m always first up on the dance floor.. I love a man in uniform, obviously. I’m happiest when I’m with my brother’s, but they’ve all got married now. Put me in a fast car or on a Bike, I’m smiling.. If I only had 1 day left I would want to be around people I love, and would want to do something that normally I would be to scared to do..

I love watching film’s, I used to go horse riding, and would love to take it up again. I love doing spontanious things, I hate the same routine.. Depends on my mood. Going out dancing and drinking with friends, or a film, some food and wherever the night takes me if Im with a guy….. A favourite day out would include a fast car or bike, a picnic and naughty ……. I feel comfortable when I’m with people I know and Love, I’m a confident person, so it takes a lot to put me in an uncomfortable one..

I’m looking for someone to be there, someone I can share the good times with, especially someone who’s honest with me..