Biola, Born 1980, From Oxford

biola is my name and I reckon you`d be interested in knowing that I`m from Oxford shire, UK – England. I`m hoping that this site will allow me to meet a muscular man that more or less matches my traits. Most of the time I`m quite romantic – unless of course I`m having a difficult day, which is when you might see me as something slightly different. I like to think I`m attractive. In general, I like to relax by indulging in some dance music. And on that note I`ll tell you that I have most fun when I`m taking part in a little other – and you?

Clare, Born 1983, From Oxford, Oxfordshire

Hello, I””m Clare – WHAT a fantastic !  I””m sensitive, kind, intelligent, with a brilliant sense of humour (if a tad dry at times!). I””m very musical, and love singing and playing the piano and organ. My best qualities are how down to earth I am and my sense of humour.

As I mentioned above, I play the organ, piano, flute, and sing in a few choirs – I particularly enjoy singing for traditional choral evensong. I also enjoy being creative, both in the garden (don””t laugh!) and with my hands, and periodically paint and draw (or at least try to!).

My ideal match would be someone who is an organist that I can page turn for in this life and the next 😉 – now that IS a corny sentence!! He would be kind, sensitive, sweet, shy, good at making decisions (one of my bad points!), romantic, respect my christian morals etc.   Also someone who has an interest in science and the great outdoors, since that is something that I am interested in.

Elizabeth, Born 1987, From Oxford, Oxfordshire

Hi Im Lizzie and I’m looking for someone special.. I have brains and smile, what more could a guy want!!!. I’m looking for someone to have a few laughs with and get to know..

I’m Sweet, kind, romantic, very affectionate, adventurous and have a bit of a wild streak.. Walking in the rain and spending time with nieces and nephews.. Everything, I believe in having a passion for life.. I would spend my last day enjoying my time with the people I love..

I love learning new things, so I like to go to Art galleries and Museums. I like taking my nieces and nephews on adventures and love to write.. A good meal, a night at the theatre and then drinks at a quiet bar.. A picnic by the river and ice skating..

Friendship, anything more is a plus..

Natasha, Born 1988, From England York Riding

hey leave me a message if u wanna chat, im outgoing, i love cuddles! x

I’m called Natasha and I consider York Riding, UK – England to be my home town. At the end of the day I`m looking for a geezer, so why not read a little more about me and find out if you`re the “one” for me. Those that know me best think I`m really quite out going, but you have to get to know me pretty well to see all the different sides of me. I`m relatively skinny in build and I suppose you`d consider me quite sexy. Overall, I have many hobbies and interests – to give you an idea, I enjoy socialising.