Melanie, Born 1986, From Norwich, Norfolk

When I

I try to travel on a national scale as much as I can – I think it`s important to get to know the country you live in and I love to explore the areas around me.

I`m a cat lover and treat my feline friend as a direct member of the family.

I`m a simple person that likes to blend with the crowd rather than be at the forefront

Mysterious, I leave a lot to the imagination and love to surprise

Really I need a partner that is interesting to be with, intellectually stimulating and culturally invigorating.

For me, music is a form of relaxation. And as such, it needs to be calming and comforting with an ultimate feel good and friendly factor.

I only really enjoy live music and feel that this is the only way it can be truly appreciated.

Leah, Born 1989, From Norwich, Norfolk

I am a student in Norfolk and I am interested in meeting some single guys

Firstly, you`d probably like to know that my name`s Leah I`m from Norfolk. So, if you`re a handsome hunk, why not take a closer look at my profile and see if we might be compatible. When it comes to my personality, I would have to say that most of the time I`m pretty easy going and affectionate. When it comes to my physical appearance, you would probably describe me as fit and I don`t like describing myself, but if I had to say something, I would say that overall I`m attractive enough. I`m hoping that the person I meet on this site will want to enjoy some of my hobbies/interests with me – for example, social drinking and socialising.

Ursula, Born 1989, From Norwich, Norfolk

Hi I’m Ursula!. I’d really like to get to know people from all walks of life. I also would like to improve my German a bit, so if you speak it let met know!ursula comes from UK England Norfolk : hi im an outgoing girl who loves to laugh and am ested in talking to people from other countries and cultures. particularly any german speakers or rowers!

Donita, Born 1985, From Norwich, Norfolk

hi there I’m naughty and ready for everything!. donita comes from UK England Norfolk : im fun and adventurous girl so a guy who is willing to be my partner and try anything and every new things in or out in the passion. a guy who is gentle but wild. a guy that can handle me cause im hotter that hot babe… and if i like u and u treat me nicely

Jades, Born 1989, From Norwich, Norfolk

My ideal relationship would be filled with passion and excitement.

I like to surround myself with people who make me smile, laugh and think

When I`m feeling down I normally take a breather. I sit and dream about what I could do or where I could go next. This helps me to work through my troubles.

Sometimes I feel that a day indoors – without getting dressed and just lying around in my pyjamas – can be a good thing. Sometimes you just need to take a step back from life… and breathe easily.

I love music and the cinema but am not really a great fan of museums or art galleries.

I couldn`t live without a tv so any member that gets-together with me needs to enjoy a bit of couch potato-ing.

At the moment I don`t have any animals but am actually considering adding a new furry member to my household very soon.

Abbey, Born 1990, From Norwich, Norfolk

I`m a complete dreamer, a romantic, and believe in destiny and fate

I don`t travel very often, just the odd long-weekend here and there, but I would love to start seeing more places and broadening my horizons.

With regards to music I`m not fussy – so long as it`s not that techno garbage stuff or something loud and incomprehensible.

I`m looking for a mature relationship – perhaps with a bit of fine wine and dining thrown in.

I`m a big animal fan and love to surround myself with as many pets as I can.

When it comes to television, I can take it or leave it. There are a few programmes I like to watch but I`m not too fussed if I miss them or am out of the house.

Rayner, Born 1981, From Norwich, Norfolk

I`m scatty, fun loving, with a bubbly personality,and family orientated.. spending time with people i care about and enjoying their company.. go shopping!!!!!.

i enjoy many activities, including dancing,driving my little car, going to the theatre. and sitting in the back of the movies!!!!!. a romantic meal for two.. going down to London, spending time with family and friends, and a partner, having a really chilled out day.. I`m comfortable in most social occasions, and open to any offers..

I`m looking for a steady relationship..

Trinity, Born 1985, From Norwich, Norfolk

20 year old female living in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK, who loves history, movies and the theatre, looking for friend.

I want to work in a museum eventually. I love travelling (am going to Paris in a few weeks), classical music (and some other types of music), movie buff, love: reading, opera, ballet, the theatre, and am a huge fan of phantom of the opera.